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From repairs and renovations to extensions and remodelling, our expert craftsmanship is second to none.


Family expanding? Need a home office? Want more room for activities? Extensions let you live your life on a grander scale: they’re a brilliant option for adding both space and value to your property. 

Depending on factors including your existing layout, project goals and regulatory requirements we can offer a range of extension options including front, rear, side, two-storey, wrap-around and over-garage extensions to upgrade your home.

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Loft Conversions

Ever wanted a room of requirement in your own house? That’s exactly what your loft conversion can be. Just think what can be done with all that pre-existing space in your property that’s currently housing a few dusty DVDs and ‘antiques’. 

Loft conversions make amazing bedrooms, creative studios, entertainment rooms/hangouts or even gyms. The possibilities are almost endless. Whatever you’re picturing right now can be above your head in a matter of months once we’ve prepared your loft to accommodate it.

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The heartbeat of a home, the fulcrum of family life, the focal point of a party…your kitchen needs to seamlessly blend style with functionality for you to live your best life. 

From layout and storage to aesthetics and lighting, ventilation and safety, we’ll build the optimum kitchen to suit your budget.

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Barn Conversions

Barn conversions combine historical charm and character with a spacious, contemporary living environment. The large open floor plan of your barn offers an inviting blank canvas for you to express total creative freedom and personalise your home.

When working on your barn conversion, we’ll ensure full compliance with the local building regulations and codes related to turning an agricultural building into your home. Key considerations including utility installation, drainage, access etc will be front of mind for us throughout your project, guaranteeing a smooth construction process.

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A well kept driveway is like your own personal red carpet, always rolled out to welcome you home. It’s also one of the first spaces that guests will have access to when visiting you, so why not make an impactful first impression?

A new driveway will boost your property’s curb appeal and potentially enhance its resale value. But we’ll go above and beyond aesthetic benefits, reconfiguring the layout if required to build a functional and long-lasting driveway that improves accessibility to your home.

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Bespoke Projects

Need a job doing that doesn’t fit neatly into the above categories? No problem at all. Whatever the construction requirements of your specific project, we’d relish the opportunity to take them on. After all, the most unique and unusual builds are often the most rewarding ones…

Get in touch with us today to tell us more about what you need and discuss how we can help.

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